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"Alfafa" Jim Roper
Jim Roper grew up in Halstead.  At the time Nascar wasn't even in our vocabulary.  It was a stock car race which means that the cars that were raced must be the same as they were when they came off of the factory assembly line.  Jim chose a 1949 Lincoln from a local dealership.  He drove the car to Charlotte North Carolina for the race.  At the end of the race Jim thought that he had come in second place.  However, this was at the time of the Prohibition of Alcohol and bootleggers (people that sold alcohol illegally) were all over the country.  In an effort to evade capture from the police, they made some special alterations to their cars so that their cars would always be faster than those that the police were chasing them in.  Well, the man that had one first place in the race was using a bootlegging car.  He forgot or just didn't take out the "upgrades" to his vehicle before the race.  This meant that his car was NOT A STOCK car.  His title was revoked and he was disqualified from the race.  Jim Roper, the man from Halstead, Kansas, was placed in the record books as the winner of the first ever race for Nascar.

Christian D.  "Jim" Roper was born in Halstead on August 13th, 1916.  He died on June 23, 2000 and is buried in the Halstead Cemetry

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